Enterprise Application Services

At FutureTeQ we believe that Enterprise applications have the capability of weaving business processes and can prove to be the enabler for rapid business growth. We take the cognizance of client’s unique businesses requirements and assist with the deployment of business best practices through structured implementations and support.

Managed Services

FutureTeq’s integrated service centre caters for various IT support requirements. The solution offering is customized to client’s need. Our team is equipped with the required knowledge and tools for assisting client from onsite to remote desktop support needs.

Cyber Security

FutureTeQ with its Cyber Security offering aspire to become the trusted partner to each of its clients, safe guarding their infrastructure and critical assets. With our continuous compromise assessment offering we assist clients with early detection of intrusion and enable clients design and deploy an effective and fast response.

3D Printing


FutureTeQ’s under the brand of CAD House offers 3D technology and additive manufacturing solutions. CAD House specializes in precision and industrial production techniques in the form of Cad Designing, 3D printing, 3D scanning and reverse engineering.

Digital Transformation


FutureTeQ’s Digital Services offerings are targeted towards enhancing client’s virtual presence in the digital world. Solutions are customised as per client’s unique requirements of bridging the gap between business and customer.

E Commerce


FutureTeQ’s unique offering and first of its kind e-commerce portal in South Africa. The portal provides a medium between sellers and buyers enhancing the shopping experience and bridging the gap between them. The portal’s uniqueness lies in its proposition to sell and buy goods and services ‘MADE in SA’ only.