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Ecosystem of world class partners, dealing in future technologies to provide comprehensive and integrated solutions to our customers.

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At FutureTeQ our differentiator is to truly understand our clients businesses thoroughly, identify their strengths and how using Technology can further advance their businesses. We have managed to do this by building a portfolio of next generation products and services together with our Global Technology partners.

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What We Offer

Data Centers

FutureTeQ has recently acquired a data center that has the facilities used to house computer systems and associated components such as telecoms and storage systems.


Our partnership with Google gives FutureTeQ our strengths in offering our customers full support, migration, imp,ementation and training on all Google products.

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As gold partners in SAP we strive to assist large organizations achieve their maximum outputs with an incredible team. We are currently engaging into a PCOE model.

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Integrated Service Center (ISC)

ICS caters for multiple business requirements such as managed services, resourcing, consulting services and data management as well as a full desktop support center.

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FutureTeq is a Platinum partner in Oracle and offers outstanding support as well as a wide range of products and solutions to give your company the leading edge over others.

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We are a Microsoft Certified Partner (MCP) and provide Microsoft-related products, services and support for such. We help customers with a range of IT projects and specific products and services.


Stratware is a pre-developed robust BI application which is cost effective, easy to implement, simple to scale to your business needs and will become a vital part of a business’s arsenal of strategic tools.

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3D Printing

3D printing technology creates objects by adding layer-upon-layer of material. Because materials vary 3D objects can be utilised in architecture, engineering and industrial fields.

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FutureTeQ Web Services

With the Cloud, businesses no longer need to plan for and procure servers and other IT infrastructure weeks or months in advance. Instead, they can instantly spin up hundreds or thousands of servers in minutes and deliver results faster.

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The hub of every company’s digital ecosystem, where a brand story can best be told in form and function, is still a well-crafted website. It circulates the database, SEO, mobile, content, and other elements that connect you with your audience.

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Mobile Apps

Apps are an innovative new tool that can be used effectively for marketing purposes. Engaging potential customers, informing them about your company, and giving them useful tools in this fashion provides a powerful method to grab them.

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